How Do I Know Which Type of Dental Implant to Get?

One of the biggest parts about trying to decide whether or not you would like to get dental implants to replace your natural teeth is trying to figure out which kind of dental implants are the right option for you. After all, each type of dental implant has its own unique benefit to choosing it, and which one is right for you could depend on a few factors.

You should think about your budget first and foremost, as most insurance companies won’t cover these procedures. You will find that mini implants are the most budget-friendly at an average price of $500 to $1500 per implant, while all on 4 implants are the most expensive option, often coming in at $50,000 just for a single arch!

You should also think about some of the specific benefits granted by each type of implant. Basic endosteal implants are the best option for most people without special needs, while other types might be a good option for people who can’t do much bone grafting due to bone loss. Talk to your specialist about which option might be best for your circumstances.

Finally, you should think about the oral specialist you are working with, as this can have a major effect on how the entire process plays out. Take a close look at dental implants reviews in Hyattsville and see what previous implant patients in the area are saying. Are a lot of patients talking positively about a single implant specialist? If so, you might have found a great oral surgeon to help you facilitate the placement of your dental implants.

dental implants reviews in Hyattsville

Once you have thought about all of these factors and you know which type of implant is going to be right for you and your budget, you are ready to make an appointment to have your own implants placed. In no time at all, you could be healing up and preparing to use your brand new dental implants to their fullest capacity.