Tips for Printing Eye-Catching Booklets

With the advent of digital printing has come an age where printing a booklet is faster and easier than it has ever been in the past. It’s easy to sit down and start creating a brochure or some other print medium for your business, but how do you really make it stand out and work as efficiently as it can?

Let’s explore printing tips that you can use for commercial booklets you want to create for your business.

Choose the Right Binding

booklet printing

Booklets are typically much thinner than common books, as they contain fewer pages. If your booklet has less than 40 pages, you may consider using saddle stitching for the binding. However, for longer booklets, you may consider a stronger binding that will keep the pages of your booklet from falling apart.

Leave Enough Space for Binding

When looking into booklet printing, you need to make sure that you leave enough room for the binding of the book to be placed without cutting off text or making your information difficult to read or understand. Figure out how much space you’ll need for binding to avoid the mistake of covering up your words.

Get Organized

Think about what message you want to convey and make sure that what your content outlines is within the message you want to spread. Ensure that each section of the booklet is descriptive, engaging, and helpful to readers. You should also make sure that you include any contact information about your business that is necessary.

Use High Quality Images

One mistake that has been made numerous times by companies printing booklets for their audience is using images with low resolution. These images detract from the look of your booklet as well as its message, so use only high resolution images when printing booklets.

Keep these tips in mind and you will print a booklet that engages your audience and gets the results you desire.