Tips For Working With Drywall

Drywall is a material that is used both commercially and in residential homes to complete the look of a room.  When you need to have drywall installed, hiring professional drywall contractors near me in matthews, nc services is usually the best idea. But if you’re a DIYer, here are a few tips to follow.

Measure twice cut once

You want to make sure that when working with drywall that you measure it correctly before cutting.  If you cut it too short or if you don’t cut it correctly, it will become useless or will have to be used as scrap.  You will also want to score the drywall on both sides before cutting.  If you score the drywall it will have a clean edge.

Careful when screwing in

When you screw in the drywall you want to use an impact gun.  This will inset the screws into the wall making a small area that you can fill in with drywall mud.  If you fail to drive the screws in deep enough, they can start to poke through causing you to have bumps in the wall.

Use even strokes when applying drywall mud

When you apply drywall mud you want to use even strokes.  One major issue is applying too much mud to your walls.  If you apply too much mud you will be spending hours sanding down the walls to get them even. 

Applying drywall mud is a skill that takes practice.  If you focus on making even edges and everything smooth, the final finishing work will not be as difficult and you don’t have to waste time with cleanup

Wear protective face and eye covering

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When you work with drywall it can be a very dirty job.  You want to make sure that you ear face protection, eye protection and gloves.  If you do then you can create great work without having to do a lot of cleanup.